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D-1045 Hoard Income Tax

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Hoard Gross Income
Mayhem Adjustement
Taxes owed
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Hoard Ledger

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Dragon Tax Return Simulator 2015

Welcome to a world of fantasy and magic! A world of mysterious humanoids like the erks, the drevs, the gronks, and the glorns. And above them all, high in mountain peaks, dwell the majestic dragons. In this game you will see through the eyes of one of these magnificent creatures.

Dragons are wise, powerful, and long-lived but their pride brings them into conflict with other intelligent races. In 2008 D.Y. the High Dragon Council instituted a system of taxes and penalties to establish a facade of order, aid them in diplomatic negotiations to prevent all out war between the dragons and the humanoid peoples, and funnel the vast wealth of the dragons to themselves.

As majestic as you may be, you're just an average dragon and in no position to oppose the council's decrees. You've procrastinated once again and now there are just ten minutes until the courier arrives to collect your tax forms. Can you finish them in time? Grab a pen, paper, and a calculator, and press the "I'm ready!" button when you're ready to begin!

How to Play

The goal of the game is to complete your D-1045 form on time without any errors. You can drag documents around with your mouse. Follow the instructions included with the form for an explanation of how to complete each line item.

A pen and paper will be handy.

A calculator is also highly recommended.

Times up!

The official council tax courier arrives for your tax forms and payment.


A few days later, over tea, you look over your paperwork with your friend, Verna Fairwing, Professional Dragon Accountant (PDA). She gives you an assessment of your return.



Thanks for playing!