Super Micro Paint

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Super Micro Paint


Welcome to the micro world! Create micro drawings on the go! Bring your drawings to life with four fantastic frames of action! Save your favorite creations to your Personal Computer!


Drawing Tools

- Start drawing on white pixels to draw with black pixels.
- Start drawing on black pixels to draw with white pixels.
  • Pencil - Touch in the Drawing Area to draw. You can also drag.
  • Paint Blop - Touch in the Drawing Area to fill an enclosed region.
  • Line - Drag to draw a straight line.
  • Square / Rectangle - Drag from corner to corner to draw a rectangle.
  • Circle / Ellipse - Drag from center point to circumference to draw an ellipse.

Frame Tools

  • Nudge - Touch any nudge arrow to move the entire drawing one pixel in the direction indicated by the arrow. The drawing will wrap around the edges.
  • Clear - Erase the entire frame.
  • Invert - Invert the colors of the drawing.
  • Life - The miracle of life.
  • Copy - Touch this tool once to enter copy mode. Then touch a frame selector to copy the current frame to that frame. Or touch the copy tool again to cancel.
  • Undo - Touch to fix your mistake.
  • Redo - Touch to fix your mistaken undo.

Frame Selectors

Touch these to select different frames of your animation.

Drawing Area

This is where you create your masterpiece.

Animation Preview

Watch your animation in a continuous loop.

Export Button

Press this button to export your masterpiece to your Personal Computer using the Super Export Cable.