Bisby's Escape

This is version 1.3.0, with bugfixes and other changes.

For the original 7DRL release, click here.


Use arrow keys, hjkl, or numpad to move.

Press 'S' key to toggle sound.

Defeat enemies by dropping crates on them.

Learn the crates' mysterious effects.

Collect all the energy scattered throughout the level


Collect datachips from trashed enemies to open the gates to next level.


Bisby worked in the robotonium mines day in and day out. It had a job and did its job well. It was content as a robot could be.

Until one day... Suddenly Bisby had a strange urge to see the surface. There was a whole world out there. What wonders did it hold?

Even Bisby itself didn't know where this spark of curiousity came from. Was it a software bug? A glitch caused by stray neutrinos? But Bisby knew one thing for sure. There was a collapsed shaft in Zone 7-R that led straight to the surface...